Who’s got time to worry about desk cables when there are always more pressing business issues to handle? If that sounds like you, we’ve got the perfect solution.

Managing the cables in your home, or office, involves hiding & organising your cables so they avoid causing accidents.
This also protects your cables and creates a tidier environment to work in.
Our products are designed to make your office a safe space, with no accidents.
Plus, we aim to improve the performance of your network. All without you having to invest too much time and energy.

Managing Cables Made Easy

Access Port

Contact Power LogicProduct Description: The new Access port is ideal for managing cables while providing you with direct access to power sources located below the work surface. The unit is designed with a sleek silver finish coupled with a black trim to give you that professional look and feel. A cable brush protects your cables…

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Office Cable Management

Power Pole

Product Description: The Power Pole range is the most affordable office cable management system in the market that allows for the segregation of power and data cables. These particular products can also be used to store excess cables. The MK1 version has an easy hinged cover available in either a rounded or octagonal profile that simply…

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Cable Management Solution by Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd


Product Description: The Wrap a Cable product is a cable management solution that allows you to separate and sort all your cables. The inner bag can accommodate the below while the large bag elegantly organises everything else: Lightweight data cables Peripheral cables Thick core power supply cables Installation is especially easy with unique eyelets for…

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Why Do You Need Cable Management Services?

  • Thousands of people slip, fall or trip in the office every year.
  • Such accidents can end up costing you six to ten days of absenteeism
  • Aside from disrupted work, you can end up paying hefty fines and medical bills
  • There are several standards in place for desk cabling and you are required to abide by them
  • Network access and performance are directly influenced by wire management
  • Proper office cable management means you have uninterrupted access to VoIP and internet services
  • Without tidy services, your entire business can be disrupted by a single unplugged cable that can wreak havoc
  • Office cable spaghetti looks untidy and promotes an unhealthy working environment
  • Studies show that tidy offices promote productivity.

Top Benefits

  • Reduce trips, falls and spills
  • Create a safer environment for your employees
  • Comply with regulations and the current standards in the industry
  • Ensure the proper performance of your network
  • Make sure that your work days will never be interrupted by a faulty cable
  • Choose the cable management solution that fits your needs
  • Scalability: an under desk cabinet tidy service means that when your business grows, your network can easily grow along with it, with minimal investments
  • Avoid fire hazards: poorly located electrical cables are often run over by chairs, or walked across by employees, resulting in damage to the wires that can cause a fire. Fires in the workplace can have devastating impact on a business so minimising damage and regular inspection of cabling is critical
  • Easier to replace equipment or make repairs: when office equipment needs to be replaced, searching through a jumble of cables makes the task much slower, and unpleasant due to the trapped dirt. The dust and dirt is also a potential igniter for the sparks that can arise from damaged cables
  • Wire tidy services make for tidy offices. In turn, they boost productivity and workplace happiness
  • Save money: tidy cables imply lower maintenance and repair costs, as well as less money spent on IT support.

What Is the Best Time for a Cable Tidy?

You know what they say: there is no time like the present.

  • If you haven’t worked on your cable management in a while, you should waste no more time. Every day is a new chance for an accident or an interruption due to poor cable tidy. We provide solutions for various set-ups that may include desk power modules, wireless chargers for your home or office desk, power poles and cable wraps too.
  • You should at least book a survey to see where you’re standing and what the biggest perils for your office are.  Rest assured, if you work with professionals, the work disruption will be minimal (if any) during a cable management survey.
The ideal times to perform tidying of office cables are:

When you relocate.
It’s the perfect time to set all the cables under the desks and in the cabinet in perfect order. This way, you won’t have to deal with any business disruption or lose any time.

When you upgrade your network.
When you plan to make changes in your IT equipment, you should consider a cable management solution, too. This will ensure that your investment is protected and that you will make the most out of your network upgrade.

When you change your office furniture or redecorate.
This is the ideal time to plan and implement a cable management strategy that can yield benefits for years to come. You can also opt for cable management desks designed to keep everything nice and tidy.