Find the perfect cable management solution from Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd. Regardless of what environment you need a cable management solution for Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd has a solution for you.

Generally, messy cables take up a lot of space on work desks at home or at the office. There is a constant need for organisation of the work space and a solution from Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd can help you. For example, manage cables behind your TV with the Wrap a Cable solution.

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Managing Cables Made Easy

Access Port

Product Description: The new Access port is ideal for managing cables while providing you with direct access to power sources located below the work surface. The unit is designed with a sleek silver finish coupled with a black trim to give you that professional look and feel. A cable brush protects your cables while the…

Office Cable Management

Power Pole

Product Description: The Power Pole range is the most affordable office cable management system in the market that allows for the segregation of power and data cables. These particular products can also be used to store excess cables. The MK1 version has an easy hinged cover available in either a rounded or octagonal profile that simply…

Cable Management Solution by Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd


Product Description: The Wrap a Cable product is a cable management solution that allows you to separate and sort all your cables. The inner bag can accommodate the below while the large bag elegantly organises everything else: Lightweight data cables Peripheral cables Thick core power supply cables Installation is especially easy with unique eyelets for…