Browse the full range of products that Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd manufactures. While some products have a standard version, Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd has the ability to customize any product. Some solutions have limitations and Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd must adhere to local regulations. Customize your own power outlet solution that suits your particular needs. You no longer have to hunt to find a power solution that is not what you are looking for.

Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd solutions cater for the office environment as well as the home environment. Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd also assembles cable management solutions that stores your cables neatly out of the way.

Cable Management Solution by Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd


Product Description: The Wrap a Cable product is a cable management solution that allows you to separate and sort all your cables. The inner bag can accommodate the below while the large bag elegantly organises everything else: Lightweight data cables Peripheral cables Thick core power supply cables Installation is especially easy with unique eyelets for…

Kitchen Power Solution by Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd


Shop NowMore info?Product Description: The Powerdock Mk1 is the perfect kitchen power solution. The PDO Mk1 is generally used in the kitchen however can be used in the following locations: Home office Dressing tables Garage work stations TV cabinets Get rid of the messy cable clutter and gain convenient access to your power requirements. This stylish…