P-Cube 24


24Ah Portable power pack

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The P-CUBE portable power pack is a self-contained, 230V AC 50Hz power storage unit that functions in a similar manner to an “On-Line” UPS.

It has the latest battery storage technology in the form of Litium-Ion Phosphate batteries, delivering 12 Volts at an impressive 50 Amps. This is roughly the same amount of energy as that stored in a modern vehicle’s lead acid battery. Almost all the full energy stored can be utilised, providing up to 6 hours of power depending on the load.

Its primary function is to provide back-up in the event of a power failure or load shedding to entertainment equipment, computers, laptops and lighting.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 1000 × 50 × 1000 cm

• Battery Level Indicator
• Power Use Indicator
• Charge Indicator
• Built-in Circuit Protection
• Resettable Thermal Overload Switch
• 1 x 3 Pin SA Socket
• 2 x New Slim SA Sockets
• 2 x USB Smart Charge Ports
• 500Wh Battery Life (P-Cube 48)
• Portable & Wall Mountable
• Carry Handle
• Carry Straps
• Cable Swivel on Power Cable
• Durable Aluminium Housing


• Batteries
48Ah Model
16 x 12Ah Cells @ 12,8V
24Ah Model
8 x 12Ah Cells @ 12,8V

• Inverter
500W Pure Sine Wave
230V AC50Hz

• Power Outlets
48Ah Model
1 x Standard SA 16A
2 x New Slim SA 16A
24Ah Model
1 x Standard SA 16A
1 x New Slim SA 16A

• USB Ports
5V 3A Double Port
USB Smart Charger