PDO Mk3.1 C


Pop up PowerDock.


This pull up powerdock unit has been designed to incorporate all the key features from our most popular products in the range. This powerdock features a SA 3-pin outlet, SA 2-pin outlet, new SA 3-pin outlet and a USB-A Smart Charging Port in the body of the unit. These are all above the worksurface when the unit is in the raised position. There is an additional SA 3-pin outlet below the worksurface for conveniently connecting below-counter appliances. The MK3.1 C is able to be recessed with the plugs engaged in most cases.

The chromed pull up handle acts as a cable exit allowing the user to hide unsightly cables and plug tops when the unit is in the closed position. The PDO Mk3.1 C features a swivelling input connector to connect to the 2M input cable with SA Plug top provided with the unit.

Customize your powerdock with different Power Outlet Options that can also suit the international markets.

Additional information

Weight 2.075 kg
Dimensions 45 × 15 × 15 cm

Dual USB Smart DCP with spring loaded cover
Swivelling cable input
Most plug tops can remain connected to the unit when in the closed position
Chrome handle doubles as cable exit for attached plug tops.
Choose from up to 24 international power outlets
Hybrid power capabilities

In Desk
Pull up
Surface Mounted
Under Desk

Colour: Black / Grey / White


Operating voltage:
110V – 250V AC @ 50Hz – 60Hz

Current: 15A (3-Pin Outlet)

Max power:
3000W @ 220V – 250V AC

Local electrical regulations determine the final electrical rating of the system.

Smart DCP:

Operating voltage: 5V DC

Current: 2.1 A (Overall)



Height: Variable (Depending on configuration)
Width: 102mm (Approx. 4,02 in.)

Cut-out diameter: 95mm (Approx. 3,74 in.)