Z1 Monitor Arm


Monitor Arm


The Z1 monitor arm has a slim and sleek body design, enhancing its visual appeal and does not compromise on its capability. Designed to support monitors and other work devices up to 5kg and its compact size makes it perfect for offices with small desks.

No tools required during assembling. Simply attach the three main components: clamp, lower and upper arm together as one and you are ready to start work.

Additional information

Weight 2.75 kg
Dimensions 59 × 19 × 15 cm

Designed for lightweight monitors: Fabricated to counterbalance the weight of the monitor without requiring any spring adjustment.
Tool less adjustment: Easy set up process with no need for any tools.
Cable management: Cables are neatly hooked and secured along the arm to promote a neat work desk.
Multi axes adjustment capabilities: Make all necessary adjustments such as height, depth, tilt, swivel or pivot, from the comfort of your seat.
Solid structure: Able to suspend monitors and accommodate work devices up to 5kg.
Simple set up: Three simple connecting components to piece the Z1 together and no tools (not even a screwdriver) required when assembling.

Desk Clamp on

Various colour panels available on request


Monitor Size Supportable: 17″ to 27″ max

Monitor Weight Supportable: 2 kg to 5 kg

Arm Swivel Range: 180°

Monitor Pivot Range: 90° Portrait or Landscape

Monitor Tilt Range: Forward 21.0° or Backward 35.0°

Standard Clamp: Uni-1clamp

Cable Management: Managed by upper and lower arm


Extended Arm Reach (from Desk Edge): 554 mm

Vertical Arm Adjustment Range: 233 mm

Thickness Range: 18mm to 50 mm