USB-C (15-in-1) Hub Station with Wireless Charger (2)

15-in-1 USB-C Hub with wireless charger

Product Description: The ultra-compact USB-C Hub increases productivity by facilitating the connection of multiple peripherals such as USB, VGA, SD as well as HDMI ports.  The hub also contains wireless charging. The Hub is a cost-effective and space-saving solution for adding ports to your laptop, PC or gaming systems.  It has never been easier to…

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Managing Cables Made Easy

Access Port

Contact Power LogicProduct Description: The new Access port is ideal for managing cables while providing you with direct access to power sources located below the work surface. The unit is designed with a sleek silver finish coupled with a black trim to give you that professional look and feel. A cable brush protects your cables…

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Charge any smart device


Product Description: The new ACE module provides you with surprisingly easy and efficient access to charge any smart device in your home or office. This unique but simple unit can be flush to the work surface or raised above the work surface according to your individual needs. The raised version was specifically designed to avoid…

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Alpha Tailored Power Solutions


Product Description: The Alpha range of products are tailored power solutions that can be as wide as your imagination. The essential styling offers a clean and functional presence with an endless selection of custom options to choose from. Some options include protection modules such as timers, data / voice and audio visual solutions to suit your…

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Apex product from Power logic SA


Product Description: The Apex unit can provide multiple charging capabilities in any waiting area. A few ideal locations for this unit could include airports, banks, hotel lobbies, bus / train stations, hospitals as well as any office reception area and so much more. This unit can be custom made according to your needs with a…

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Beta Affordable Power Outlet Solution


Product Description: Undoubtedly the most affordable power outlet solution in the market. Enjoy all the functionality of the Alpha unit with the more affordable Beta unit. This unit features a brand new easy to install mounting clip. The Beta unit is specifically made from a high quality plastic that makes for a very adaptable product. In…

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Choosing the Best USB Charging Outlet

People today are used to instant access to everything with endless media, services and products available that answers in just a few taps on a smartphone. Speed is everything to Gen Y – the ‘on-demand’ generation.

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Gemini Pop Up PowerDock


Product Description: The Gemini Unit is a surprisingly unique product and is certainly a one of a kind pop up PowerDock. We have taken the concept of a PowerDock to the next level with features such as a worlds first double sided design and an ultra smooth gas strut mechanism that automatically raises the unit…

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LED Desk Lamp

LED Desk Lamp

Product Description: Innovative. Convenient. Versatile. This simple but effective LED desk lamp uses touch-sensitive technology so you can change the colour of the light or the brightness with just one touch. Portable and versatile, it can be used for night-time reading or whilst working at your desk and promises long-lasting durability thanks to its aluminium…

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Nova Desk power outlet


Product Description: This compact yet versatile power outlet system is the ideal solution for your workstation power requirements. The Nova can be supplied in power-only form with two AC power outlets and 2 USB outlets (combinations of USB-A and USB-C outlets are available), as well as with data and communication outlets, to allow even greater…

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Oblique Electrical Power System


Product Description: The Oblique range is an electrical power system which is available in two or four way outlet options. The three way outlet is available while stocks last. The Oblique range is made from a high grade plastic material. Each version can be supplied with a variety of switch options as well as fuse options. The following…

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Omega Power Outlet System by Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd


Product Description: This power outlet system allows the user to customize the number of power, voice / data, switch and protection devices according to their individual needs as well as specify the layout. The Omega has been designed as a cost effective solution that is available in a standard, dual, or hybrid power option. Power protection modules…

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One touch boardroom power out

One Touch

Product Description: The electronically operated One Touch is a state of the art boardroom connectivity solution. The classic Electrodock has been engineered to operate smoothly and swiftly that is driven by a powerful German motor. This boardroom connectivity solution requires just one touch to rotate the unit revealing power outlets. With a very low profile, the unit sits…

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Optima Power Outlet System


Get A QuoteMore info?Product Description: The Optima is the perfect power outlet system for your office. This unit can also be specifically customized according to the number of power, voice data, switches and protection devices the client requires. Protection devices include fuses, circuit breakers, filters and more. Contact your local distributor or Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd…

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Product Description: The P-CUBE portable power pack is a self-contained, 230V AC 50Hz power storage unit that functions in a similar manner to an “On-Line” UPS. It has the latest battery storage technology in the form of Litium-Ion Phosphate batteries, delivering 12 Volts at an impressive 50 Amps. This is roughly the same amount of…

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Kitchen Power Solution by Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd


Shop NowMore info?Product Description: The Powerdock Mk1 is the perfect kitchen power solution. The PDO Mk1 is generally used in the kitchen however can be used in the following locations: Home office Dressing tables Garage work stations TV cabinets Get rid of the messy cable clutter and gain convenient access to your power requirements. This stylish…

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Powerdock by Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd


Shop NowMore info?Product Description: Download Power Logic’s pop-up powerdock’s comparison chart.  The second generation Powerdock is the evolution of the market-leading Powerdock designed and manufactured by Power Logic. The unit sits flush with the desk surface when not in use and is raised smoothly into position by a powerful gas strut. For safety reasons, none of the…

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Powerdock by Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd


Shop NowMore info?Product Description: Download Power Logic’s pop-up powerdock’s comparison chart.  This pull up powerdock unit has been designed to incorporate all the key features from our most popular products in the range. This powerdock lid features a Dual USB Smart DCP (Dedicated Charging Port) for fast charging of most smart devices. The USB is fitted with a…

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Power Unit for your Home or Office


Get A QuoteMore info?Product Description: The PDV is an in-desk mounted power unit that can be concealed when not in use. This modular unit allows all the standard Optima features in a very robust housing coupled with polycarbonate as well as ABS plastic components. The PDV is neatly stowed below the desk surface when not in use. This…

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Plug tops and connectors

Plug Tops & Connectors

Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd assembles a wide variety of cables that go with each product. These include a full range of input (in short in feed) power cables, supplied with moulded plug tops and a female connector (or hardwired into the product) as well as interconnecting cables which allow users to extend their office and…

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Power Outlets by Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd

Power Outlets

Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd offers a wide range of international power outlets to suit most countries. These power outlets are all designed, developed and tested in house, before being certified by the appropriate regulators (for example UL, BSI, SABS, and TUV). For more info on Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd certifications, view the extensive…

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Office Cable Management

Power Pole

Product Description: The Power Pole range is the most affordable office cable management system in the market that allows for the segregation of power and data cables. These particular products can also be used to store excess cables. The MK1 version has an easy hinged cover available in either a rounded or octagonal profile that simply…

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Keystone Peripherals

Punto 80mm Range

Get A QuoteMore info?Product Description: The Punto range is a complementary addition to any desktop and consists of two 80mm units coupled with keystone peripherals of your choice. The unit is simply placed in a pre-cut hole and fastened with an easy-to-screw on locking collar. Take the opportunity to fill in the blanks around your office or home…

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Wireless Charger Qi Certified

Punto 92 Wireless Charger

Product Description: Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd is now assembling a new fashionable Wireless Charger. This unit sits virtually flush with the work surface. This allows for easy access to charge your mobile device and gets rid of messy mobile power cables that clutter the work space. The Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd Wireless Charger…

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Punto 92 Range

Punto 92mm Range

Get A QuoteMore info?Product Description: The Punto range is a complementary addition to any desktop and consists of two 92mm units. The unit is simply placed in a pre-cut hole and fastened with an easy-to-screw on locking collar. Take the opportunity to fill in the blanks around your office or home with the Punto Range. The Punto 92mm Range…

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Punto Plus workdesk power outlet

Punto Plus

Product Description: The Punto Plus is a unique feature-rich workstation solution that provides the user with up to 2 power outlets (SA market only), dual port USB charger, data/comms and a pull-through cable system.  The Punto Plus is a compact and easy to install power unit. The Punto Plus allows for easy access to power…

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Punto Plus Wireless Charger

Punto Plus Wireless

Product Description: Plug and play with built-in power supply – just connect the Euro plug to a power outlet and charge your device wirelessly. The Punto Plus wireless charger also has a unique and convenient pull-through hole to allow routing of peripheral cables through your work-surface.  This unit sits virtually flush with the work surface.…

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Product Description: 3 Sided power distribution unit which offers users the ability to charge devices via the AC outlets, DC (USB-A or USB-C outlets) or wirelessly via the built-in wireless charger mounted on top of the unit. Available in a variety of finishes and with a fabric top, it complements any meeting area whether it…

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Real Light - Load shedding

Rechargeable Emergency Automatic Light

Product Description: The load-shedding ‘Real’ Light switches on when you experience a power failure. The bulb automatically pulls power from its built-in battery, making sure you don’t plunge into darkness. The unit also has a built-in intelligent daylight sensor so that the light, only comes on when it’s dark and can be removed from the…

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Product Description: The Rotadock (manual version of the One Touch) is rotated open by hand and features a rare locking mechanism to secure the unit in both the open and closed position. This manual boardroom solution can be customized to suit any office environment. The Rotadock makes this high quality product range accessible to all. Take the opportunity…

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Eco Power Unit - S2000e by Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd


Product Description: The Eco power range from Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd is designed for affordability while protecting the environment. Simply connect any PC to the green Eco power outlets and watch this smart system power down your peripherals when you’re not using them. The Eco power module monitors a desktop PC’s power consumption and develops a power usage profile.…

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Power Supply Units - Slimline Range

Slimline Range

Product Description: Introducing a range of ultra slim power supply units from Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd. The Slimline Range includes four different styled profiles to suit any home or office environment. The Protea, Orion, Omega and Iris profiles come in a wide variety of colours and can contain a wide range of power outlets. The units…

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SOHO Mk1 product


Product Description: The SOHO Mk1 is a sleek, elegant and versatile solution to home office cable management. When not in use, the unit is stored, out of the way, below the work surface. When power is needed, the unit simply slides up and locks into position by means of a unique locking clip. The SOHO Mk1 combines all aspects…

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Connectivity product - SOHO Mk2


Product Description: Experience the next level of connectivity with the SOHO MK2. This home office unit offers remarkable features in a flush mounted powerdock such as dual data or voice connections, a USB port and an ultra smooth gas strut mechanism to raise the unit up for use. Simply press down within the lit up circle and watch…

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Boardroom Power Solution - The Focus by Power Logic SA (Pty) LtdUnit

The Focus

Product Description: The Focus unit offers a one of a kind boardroom power solution that can supply power to all your boardroom power needs. This unit is created from powder coated steel which promotes long lasting durability. The Focus unit can have a locking collar to secure the unit in a fixed location. In addition,…

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Universal Smart Charger

Product Description: Charge your mobile devices with this smart little charger. It can be accommodated in many different styles of outlets that use the Euro 2 pin standard. For ease of use and to minimize space it is provided with a unique swiveling base that rotates 90 degrees to allow a best fit where socket…

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Ultimate 11-in-1 USB Hub

USB-C hub with 11 connection

Product Description: The plug and play USB-C Hub can increase productivity by facilitating the connection of multiple peripherals such as, data syncing, USB ports, Ethernet, SD and even HDMI support. This portable docking stations provides the convenience of connectivity regardless of the location. Plug and play USB-C hub includes the following 11 connection options: VGA…

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Boardroom Power Unit - V-dock


Product Description: The V Dock is a simple under desk mounted, dual faceted boardroom power unit that can be completely concealed by any cover of the user’s design. The unit is fastened to the underside of the work surface under a pre cut aperture(Power Logic does not supply the fastening screws or any form of…

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Product Description: The Wave is the next generation of the very popular horizontal power dock. We’ve updated our world first horizontal power dock and improved every aspect of it.It now features a seamless solid aluminium top frame, greater opening range, spring assisted opening and closing, new cable brush system The Wave also features a soft-open/closing…

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Cable Management Solution by Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd


Product Description: The Wrap a Cable product is a cable management solution that allows you to separate and sort all your cables. The inner bag can accommodate the below while the large bag elegantly organises everything else: Lightweight data cables Peripheral cables Thick core power supply cables Installation is especially easy with unique eyelets for…

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Zgo Z1 monitor arm in use

Z1 Monitor Arm

Shop NowMore info?Product Description: The Z1 monitor arm is a small but mighty addition to any office desk. Streamline Designed The Z1 monitor arm has a slim and sleek body design, enhancing its visual appeal and does not compromise on its capability. Designed to support monitors and other work devices up to 5kg and its…

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